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It's ok

The interface looks nice, and the app does what you need, but it's a little weird to operate. For instance, figuring out how to set a new task and name it is not how you'd expect. Also, when you tap on a counter, the item will move away from your finger to the top of your list, so you accidentally end up tapping the next item. And when you go into an item to fix this by pressing the subtract, that button will switch with the add. Not a bad app, just a bit unintuitive.

Great app BUT BUGGY on Apple Watch

This is my go-to app for roughly counting calories. I set it at increments of 50 and can easily estimate my intake AND have my calorie intake staring at me as a complication on the watch face! It's awesome! But unfortunately the app is very buggy on the Apple Watch. Some issues include... 1. Tapping on the watch to log a count sometimes doesn't respond until a few moments later or starts counting backwards on a tap. 2. The watch and app don't communicate consistently, sometimes showing different totals. Some ideas to consider for the developer... 1. Some sort of Taptic feedback use on the watch. 2. Be able to set a goal? Otherwise, it's simple and useful! Thanks developer!

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