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ユーティリティ 仕事効率化

Are you also haunted by questions like: "How many apples did I eat this week?" or "How long does my toothpaste last?" ? Logged! is here to help you getting answers to these pressing questions.

Logged! is a universal app for collecting and displaying data. Use it to count, sum up, track your activities, log your behaviors, quantify yourself or collect any kind of data.

Create your own personal loggers, organise them in categories and enter data just by tapping.

There are many uses for Logged!
Create a logger for each of your excercises in the gym, log the calorie intake with each of your meals or the amount of fluid you are consuming, keep track of your expenses, sum up the fuel you have tanked and much more.

In contrast to many other logging apps Logged! is completely standalone on your device and does not access any external servers to store any data. Your data is stored on your device and only you have access to it.

Even the free version of Logged! has no advertising and can be used without time limitations. Only the number of loggers is restricted.

Logged! is designed to be useful and enjoyable including a sleek screen design, two color schemes and beautiful animations.

Download Logged! and start logging today!

- universal data collection with an unlimited number of loggers and logger categories
- create your own loggers and give them meaningful names...
- ... or just choose a logger from the list of predefined loggers
- put loggers of similar kind into categories with your preferred names, images and colors
- add units and initial values
- set a time frame after which your logger will automatically restart (e.g. at the beginning of the day) or restart the logger manually
- edit any property of your logger anytime
- sort your loggers by category, alphabet or by most recent use
- limit the displayed loggers to those from one category

Efficient and fast data entry
- enter data of repeating content (like counters) with one tap in the overview screen
- use the detailled screen to enter data of changing content (like expenses)
- landscape mode shows both: the overview and the details on a single screen
- undo data entries by shaking the device or by using an undo button
- each data entry can be edited or deleted
- view a bar chart of the data you entered on a daily, weekly, monthly or yearly base

- build in help function
- attractive animations
- no advertising, no external server storage, no third party use tracking